Saturday, 19 October 2013

Formula One | Race time

Could this be the last Indian GP? Whether or not it returns in 2015, we celebrate motorsports and the country’s biggest sporting event
The Formula One (F1) Indian Grand Prix (GP) race (25-27 October) is the biggest sporting event held in the country annually. Till some years ago, the Chennai Open tennis event had the distinction, but its roster does not have the sport’s top four names. Chennai will also host the World Chess Championship later this year, but that’s a one-off.
There have been the odd Commonwealth and Asian Games held in this country, plus multiple cricket series, but none measure up to the global magnitude of the Indian GP. Next year, there will be no race in India. Its future beyond 2014 is unclear.
Caught in the maze of politics, money and scheduling, we find out (The year of no return) why this spectacle is in doubt.
But beyond 2013, in which Sebastian Vettel (Sebastian Vettel, the raging bull) has pretty much wrapped it up, there’s much excitement in 2014, including a new series (The future of motorsport?) and new engines (Turbo II: Here to stay?).
Whether or not you are a fan of F1, it touches everyone’s life in some ways (There’s a bit of F1 in everyone).
So before you gear up for Sachin Tendulkar’s last Test match next month, we bring to you something else to get excited about: fast cars.

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