Wednesday, 23 October 2013

humanity story of life

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A doctor as soon as a
was informed by telephone about urgent surgery .
As soon as he arrived there
Could come .
Must I change it immediately
And increased operational theater .
Doctor showed the boy's father
Which had to be treated .
Father saw the doctor I broke out ,
And shouted .. " Where the hell were you so late ?
You do not know my child's life is in danger .
Does not your responsibility ..
You have a duty
Or not? "
The doctor said with a slight smile - " I'm sorry
Please , I
Was not in the hospital .
As far as I know ,
As soon as I
Has come ..
Now you calm down the anger will not help "
Father's anger and went to hear it .
The delicate condition of his son how good he could stay calm ...
He said - " At a time when others
It's easier to keep restraint .
Do you know what is going on in my mind .. If
So, would you like your son is dying
If so long ..
If your son dies
Now , they'll calm you ?
Say .. "
The doctor Banpa situation and said - " someone's death
God Lives
Is at hand .
We can only try to save him .. You are from God
Please pray .. And I 'll go in operation ... " These
Saying doctor moved in. ..
Lasted nearly 3 hours of operation ..
The boy's father also sat out with endurance ..
After the operation , such as
The doctor came out ..
They are smiling , went straight to the Father ..
And he said - " God 's blessings too .
Your son is fine now .. Now that you
Coming back to the question asking Lijiyega nurse ..
He quickly moved into saying ..
His son survived
So she was very happy for this one ..
As soon as the nurse came to him . He said .. " How 's the doctor ..
What is it Gurur .. Available for us
Is no time .. "
The nurse told him ..
Is it the same doctor
Akseedeँt son was your son .....
His son in the accident
Died ..
And that was when we called them ..
If they are buried
Were ...
And everything came here and knowing your son's treatment
The ...
Realized hearing parents talk to the nurse 's eyes tear Khamos
It is humanity Friends " "

Realized GROUP sure your name is listed as one friend to share

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