Monday, 21 October 2013

Real Story Of Division Of India and Pakistan

India Pak Divided

No problem to have two countries India and Pakistan, Imagine if Pak was a part of India, compare it with current Pak, horrible. Most of the regions will be beyond the control of the government. religious leaders will be ruling the parts with their own policies, fatwa against bollywood, lots of things.

But the main reason behind partition is Jinnah and Nehru, both needed power. More clearly it can be said as Jinnah's stubbornness lead to partition. But the suggestion made by Gandhi to avoid partition was, to make every ministers of the Parliament Muslims, and Jinnah as the PM. But Nehru was in the opinion that already riot had started, if they make all the ministers Muslims, Hindus will feel left out. So Nehru didn't agree.

Anyway the debate still goes on, but one thing is sure, freedom was achieved not that much easier as we imagine, so we should not blame any of the, leaders including, Jinnah or Nehru. And no need to drag Gandhi into this matter as he was the person who was very much upset about the partition.
The country is already divided and the relationship between the two are worse, and getting more worser.
But the true patriot like Gandhi and all will not like the partition. He was on a fasting on the day of India Pakistan partition. He did not participate in the freedom celebrations. Only those who struggled for the freedom only knows the value offreedom. As a coin has two sides, the partition has both advantage and disadvantage. For a person like me who lives in post partition era likes the partition. This may be because, I know the situation in resent Pakistan, which never had any great opportunity during partition and they never tried to create any opportunity for the development of that country after the partition.

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